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Make your Bathroom a Part of the Family!

Unfortunately, the bathroom is treated as an area to hide a toilet, bathtub, sink, and mirror. It is time for your bathroom to feel an extra welcome from your family by getting rid of unsightly fixtures!

If you think a costly bathroom renovation is unavoidable, consider fixing or updating items in your bathroom. Whether you are a home buyer, seller or just looking for a change, updating the bathroom improves the style and look of your home significantly. Check out some of the latest trends of 2017-2018. Need help with upgrading your bathroom? Call ToolsToDo Handyman 1(855) 366-3562.

1. Replace Those Bathroom Fixtures!

Upgrading your Bathroom Fixtures is an easy way to personalize your bathroom with your style. Rubbed Bronze and Brass can help to give you bathroom a classic feel, while more modern finishes like Chrome and Brushed Nickel can help give your bathroom a contemporary update.

Simply replacing that leaky, hard water covered shower head and installing a new one may have you wanting to stay in the shower forever. Whether your choose a fixed rain shower head or a handheld, your morning routine will thank you.

There is nothing worse than looking at something outdated that will take away from your entire style of your home. Weather your bathroom theme is sleek and modern or old western, placing brass fixtures can match any theme of your home

2. Old cracked grout.

If you notice no matter how much you clean your tile it still looks dirty or yellow, then it is time for a quick refinish.

You do not always have to go for all white grout or tiling. There are different colors that you can add depending on your style.

3. Install more decorative purposeful items.

Of course, everything in the bathroom serves as a function such as the mirror and storage space. With that, you can always make a statement with adding some additional flare to these items.

And there you have it… no need for costly renovations when you can easily fix these three key items. Don’t be afraid to add some other special touches such as a fun tooth brush holder, soap dish, or rug to your bathroom. You can never go wrong with a few solid colors for these items. Your bathroom is now ready to be a part of the family!


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