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3 Inexpensive Ways to Revamp your Rental or Home Kitchen

Let’s face it;

Rental kitchens are not always the prettiest. There’s always something the tenant would like to improve but don’t have the permission of doing so.

Not true. There are many inexpensive, renter-friendly ways to remodel your kitchen. Homeowners can also make an eye catching upgrade without busting the budget. Try these three DIY ideas or call ToolsToDo Handyman to get the job done 1(855)366-3562:

1. Countertops

Most countertops have a hideous pattern that’s dated to the 1980’s or have a plain and dull look. Adding contact paper can make your kitchen look modern and brighten up the space. The white marble contact paper has been trending for most DIY projects this year. If you had a different look in mind, contact paper also comes in various pattern and solid colors.

Marble White Contact Paper

2. Walls

Adding a backsplash to the walls makes the kitchen feel warm and elegant.

They come in individual peel and stick tiles or a slab of small tiles. Don't feel up to doing it yourself? Let ToolsToDo Handyman help!

Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash

3. Storage

If you have a small kitchen, reclaim your space with storage ideas that will conceal or add pizzazz to your kitchen. Organize the bottom cabinets by installing roll out drawers.

Cabinet roll out drawers

If you have empty wall space, make your kitchen more chic by installing open shelves (shelf). Adding the shelves (shelf) allow your dishes to breathe and not be confined in tight awkward spaces.

An alternative would be to utilize your current cabinets and unscrewing the covers off. This will make your kitchen look more open and welcoming.

Open Shelving

All of these supplies can be found in stores such as Walmart, Target, Home improvement stores or Amazon.

Also, keep track of the renovations you made so you can peel or screw back on before you move out if you are renting.

While some of these projects can be easily installed, you will benefit from professional assistance. Contact our handymen to get your temporary dream kitchen today! Call ToolsToDo Handyman at 1-(855) 366-3562 or visit


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